Well it is safe to say every single driver on our roads today have started In exactly the same place… From scratch!!!!! From Zero to Hero!!!
From the beginning of the “learning how to drive” stage to the “experience driver” stage there is the obvious differences that determine a learner and an experienced driver!!
These differences are the exact things you need to recognise and make sure you’re getting out of each and every lesson.

If you’re still not too sure what exactly those differences are then let me gladly break it down for you;

Knowledge, confidence and experience!!!

When you receive a lesson from a family member or friend, do you feel like you’ve gained a little more knowledge, confidence and experience?!
Just being behind the wheel with someone that is an experienced driver should automatically put you a step ahead from the stage you were just before that lesson.

Although there is a little more to it than just “doing your hours”. You will, and should gain more of these benefits as you build your hours but then you will increase that knowledge, triple that confidence and exceed your experience when you invest a little more than time with friends and family members and gain so much more with a professional driving instructor because with a professional instructor you are educated with structure and a methodical platform that has been put to the test!
If your driving instructor is not giving you the extra mile and just feels like you’re sitting with mum or dad then expect to need a lot more hours or simply source out the driving school that offers more!!!

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