Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ

Do you teach Automatic and Manual?

Yes, our instructors are fully qualified to teach both.
Our fleet consists of brand new automatic and manual vehicles.

Do you teach Mature learner drivers?

Yes at P's R Us it is not uncommon that we give lessons to people who may already have their unrestricted licence. We understand certain circumstances can get in the way of someone’s confidence or judgment and we believe no one can ever be too experienced or too qualified to brush up on their driving skills or have a refresher lesson.

What Vehicles will I be driving?

At P's R Us our fleet consist of brand New Suzuki Swifts. We like to keep the vehicles updated so you will love the smooth feel of our cars, they are great cars to teach in as they have great vision, easy to park, and are a treat to drive.

Our learners love to cruise around the town in our little Suzuki Swifts.

Does P's R Us service my area?

We service most areas in Melbourne and Sydney.

If you live in an area we do not normally service we may still be able to come to you for an additional cost or we can meet halfway or at an alternate location. Give us a call if you are unsure.

Will my Instructor be present during my driving test?

This varies from state to state in accordance with Vic Roads and RMS policies.

Victorian learners will have their instructor present on their practical driving test. In Sydney your instructor will accommodate you and arrive with you at service NSW and await completion of your test. In both states we will pick you up and drop you off at your preferred locations.


What do I need to bring to my lessons?

Upon booking your first lesson. P's R Us will provide you with an information sheet informing you of everything you need to know.

All you need to bring is your valid learners permit or drivers license and log book if applicable.

How do I book my drive test?

For NSW click the RMS link below, secure a date and time for your test, then contact us at P's R Us on 0403094416 to book in your Pre test lesson and instructor/vehicle for the test day. http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/licence/driver/tests/driving-test.html

For VIC click the VIC ROADS link below, secure a date and time for your test, then contact us on 0401274001 to book in your Pre test lesson and instructor/vehicle for the test day. https://billing.vicroads.vic.gov.au/bookings/Probationary/TermsAndConditions


Am I able to have driving lessons in my own, family or friends car?

Under certain circumstances students may want to receive lessons in their own/family vehicle. This is a good idea when a learner has a new car and wishes to familiarise themselves with it prior to licensing. P's R Us Driving School is able to offer training in their vehicle provided the vehicle is registered, roadworthy and comprehensively insured.

Why is having driving lessons with a professional driving Instructor so important?

Among many crucial aspects to having a professional driving instructor, some of the many beneficial points include attaining the knowledge of correct road rules and procedures, gaining confidence, avoiding teen pitfalls, we teach the essential principles of low risk driving, learning proper techniques. The list goes on! Please keep in regular check with our P's R Us useful links which can found on our website.


When will I be ready to go for the practical driving test?

Firstly, you need to ensure that you are eligible to book your provisional test in accordance with the RMS (NSW) or Vic Roads (VIC) minimum requirements. This is where you've completed the required hours and held your learner permit for the adequate time. Once you have ticked these boxes, most importantly you need to ensure that you are at a stage of competency with your driving skills and road rules knowledge, and that's where we come into play. We will provide you with "the keys to your P's driving lessons" and ensure you are at the level of competency where the tester will see you fit, confident and safe on the road to pass you on your driving test first go.


Should I learn to drive in an Automatic or manual vehicle?

The decision to learn in an automatic transmission or a manual car depends upon many factors including personal choice, skill level, confidence and the cars you are able to practice in. It is important to be aware however, if you gain your licence in an automatic vehicle; you are not permitted to drive a manual until you successfully pass a practical test in a manual vehicle.

We encourage all learners to think long term, there are limitations when learning only in an automatic vehicle. You are restricted to only driving an automatic whilst on your p1 and p2 licence, you are more in tune with your driving skills and handling of a vehicle when you learn in a manual and down the track you may be in a position where you will need to drive a manual vehicle for work or other reasons that may arise.


Should I use the driving school vehicle for my practical driving test?

There are many reasons why going with a licensed instructor will automatically give you bonus points on your drive test.

  1. The testing officer will feel more comfortable in the vehicle knowing it has dual controls
  2. The testing officer automatically is aware that you have been taught the correct road rules and procedures from a qualified driving instructor
  3. The vehicle is in a road worthy condition
  4. You will be escorted to and from your drive test
  5. You will have someone there to support you with your nerves
  6. There is someone there to make sure you are incorporating everything that you have been taught in previous driving lessons.


And the list goes on, all these things will contribute to you passing your practical driving test first time.


Why should I choose Ps R Us Driving School?

At P's R Us we engage young people in a friendly nurturing manner to create a positive learning environment.

Our youthful yet highly experienced instructors allow a more relatable method of teaching and educating method to our learners, this is our main point of difference that separates us from the rest.

Booking quality driving lessons is the most important investment you will make for yourself or your child.

P's R Us Driving School set the benchmark when it comes to delivering a high standard of quality with every lesson.


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